Sky Taxi

Sky Taxi

In Sky Taxi you will rescue the fairies trapped in cages by the aliens
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Sky Taxi is a very interesting platform game. You will help Mitch and his pals to rescue the fairies that have been trapped in cages by the nasty aliens. The Fairy Queen asked you to do that, and promises to reward you and your friends with a million gold coins. In order to complete your mission, you will have to take some training first. You will learn how to free the fairies from the cages, how to collect goodies, and how to avoid being hit by the enemies that will appear on the screen. You will see some TV sets on the board. Viewing their screens you can obtain hints about what should you do to complete your quest. Some doors will need keys to be opened, you will have to buy some keys, with the gold coins that you will find. Some levels will have bouncing platforms, jumping over them will get you to the upper part of the screen. You can also play mini-games to enhance your skills, and get more score.

In brief, Sky Taxi will entertain every member of the family with colorful and attractive screens, nice music and an appealing gameplay. The trial version will let you play for free for an hour.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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